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The New Place for Your Face!

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Bring "fun with faces" to your Games, Events, Celebrations, and Fundraising Efforts.

About Us


Here's our story... 

Are you somebody’s ultimate fan?  Well now you can let them know by showing your support with a customized Build-A-Head!  Join the new Build-A-Head fan craze.  

Build-A-Head is taking fan support to the next level.  Whether you are supporting your favorite athlete, cause, kid, or candidate! Build-A-Head’s line of products puts a face on your fan fair with big head cutouts, mini face keychain cutouts, mini face ornament cutouts, and face t-shirts.

The vision of Build-A-Head began among a group of friends that had been scattered across the country while attending separate colleges. They all remained close through the years and became determined to turn their dream into a career.

Established in 2009, Build-A-Head has become the new craze making it’s debut while Lance Armstrong was touring through Silver City, New Mexico.  Armstrong fans showed their support with giant Lance Armstrong Build-A-Head face cutouts and the excitement grew as Armstrong himself stopped to sign the Build-A-Heads in his image.  Armstrong even included the Build-A-Head  fan photos in his book,  “Comeback: 2.0”. 

Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong












Today, Build-A-Heads can be found everywhere: marathons, pageants, team booster club fundraisers, graduations, political campaigns, birthday parties, sporting events, political campaigns, cheerleading competitions, and more. 

The Build-A-Head product line includes an array of fan support options including custom cutout large and mini heads, key chains, and T-shirts.  These high-end, high-quality head cutouts are the perfect way to show your support for your favorite athlete, team, celebrity, child, politician, company, you name it

What better way to show your allegiance, dedication, enthusiasm and support than to put a personalized face on it with Build-A-Head?  Build-A-Head prides itself in delivering superior products and customer services in the shortest turn around time you can imagine.

Let us take your fan support to the next level with Build-A-Head!

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