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The New Place for Your Face!

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Bring "fun with faces" to your Games, Events, Celebrations, and Fundraising Efforts.

Fan Giveaways and Bulk Orders

Promotional Items for School Events
Freebies for High School Games
Free Giveaway at High School Program

Big Events:

Want Build-A-Head gear in large quantities? Contact Us.

Fan Giveaways:

We are a leading provider in sponsored fan giveaways in professional, college, and high school events. Contact Us to hear how we can help you!


Looking to get your company name out there? Advertise locally or nationall, small or big, through Build-A-Head Advertising. 100's or 1000's will be staring at your company and taking your brand home with them, you pick. Get a quote HERE

  • Call to action campaigns
  • In game promotion
  • At home/in office promotion
  • Customer activation
  • QR Code campaigns
  • Instant Social Media Burst!
  • Fan mobile uploads
  • In game media exposure

Promo Products for High Schools & Colleges


If you are an outdoor event who would like to involve Build-A-Head seamlessly, contact us