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The New Place for Your Face!

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Bring "fun with faces" to your Games, Events, Celebrations, and Fundraising Efforts.

For BuildAHead to utilize your photograph, piece of art, graphic or image or any other content (the "Content") you must accept the terms of the Rights Release. Please indicate your acceptance by checking the box "I accept". Your failure to check this box means that BuildAHead will not be able to use your Content. You hereby grant BuildAHead a perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty–free right to copy, display, modify, transmit, make derivative works of, perform and distribute the Content solely for the purpose of providing the identified service. You represent and warrant to BuildAHead that you either own, or have secured the required permissions, in writing, to make the Content available to BuildAHead and to grant the license to BuildAHead contained in this Rights Release. You are solely responsible for any violations of any kind related to the Content, including, without limitation, claims for or allegations of copyright infringement, violations of the right of publicity, or otherwise (collectively, the "Claims"). If BuildAHead receives a Claim, you shall indemnify BuildAHead for any resulting loss or damage suffered by BuildAHead, including BuildAHead’s attorneys fees in defending against the Claim.

I further acknowledge that BuildAHead has full rights to reject the use of any image at its sole discretion. If the image you want to use is found to be unsuitable in any way, your order will be refunded in full.

big head signs

Upload and Make Your Own Build-A-Head gear


"Solo slim"1 for $7.99

Yes! We'll make just 1 for you! Printed and cut on a thick card stock. Lighter and slimmer than our Huge heads. The perfect oversized head to standout in the crowd just enough!

Approx 12x17 inches.

Ships next day!


"Slims"3 for $14.99

Grab a set or two of "Slims" for situations where quantity is a must! Slimmer and lighter than an "Original Build-A-Head" big head face cutout but just as fun. Comes with adhesive sticks.

Approx 12x17 inches.

Ships next day!

HUGE Face Cutout

1 for $44.99

The HUGEST (and quickest) BIG FACE CUTOUT on the internet. A high quality, HUGE oversized, sealed foam core big head face cut out. Lightweight and durable for events of any kind. You can't find them better, bigger, or faster!

Approx 3 feet tall.

Ships next day!

HUGE Face Cutout jr.

1 for $19.99

The jr version of our HUGE big head cutouts. Printed and done the same as the HUGE heads, just 2 ft. tall instead of 3. We've got any event you need covered. Bring a Build-A-Head!

Approx 2 feet tall.

Ships next day!


"T-Shirts"1 for $15.99

Simple and fun T-Shirt with any oversized face cutout you want! Great for birthdays and any occasion you can think of!

Ships next day!


"Pet collar tags"1 for $5.99

Upload any photo and make your own mini face dog tag cutout! Have your dog rep your favorite player or even your little nephew! Also the size of a quarter and made of quality durable plastic! Comes with hangtag!!

Ships next day!


"Mini ornament"1 for $5.99

Make your own ornament mini face cutout! Comes with hanging ribbon. Holiday gifts for the family, one stop shop!

Approx 3x4 inches.

Ships next day!


"Keychain"1 for $5.99

Upload any photo and make your own mini face keychain cutout! Great for kids, pets, sports fans, grandparents, and more!

The size of a quarter and made of quality durable plastic!

Ships next day!

Oh, ya!
1mb file size minimum. Just to be safe!

How to Upload

Need help? E-mail your photo to us at and we will e-mail you back a link to your Build-A-Head to purchase! (within minutes!)


Unsure? Upload your photo and see the clarity of your face on Build-A-Head gear

Do's and Don'ts of picking a photo:

Do: Use pictures from a digital camera, newer smart phones, or 300dpi scanned images.
Or professional photographers for you models out there!

Don't: Use Facebook pictures.
Sorry, pictures from Facebook don’t
work yet. The photos on there are set
to a size that doesn’t print well.
Maybe soon though!

The Golden Rule:
The bigger your face is in the uploaded photo, the better

Photo quality:  500x500 pixels
High resolution photo’s are needed to make your pretty mugs into new Build-A-Head Gear. We need photos of 500x500 pixels from you. This assures us we’re getting the best photo possible for you!

How do I pick a photo?