What’s a Build-A-Head?

Build-A-Head has grown to be “The Face Cutout Company”. Originally just oversized big face cutouts, we now specialize in an entire brand of face cutouts for all situations and events. Take a look around!

What other Build-A-Head gear is there?

  1. Build-A-Head Huge Face Cutout

    The HUGEST (and quickest) BIG FACE CUTOUT on the internet. A high quality, HUGE oversized, sealed foam core big head face cut out. Lightweight and durable for events of any kind.
    You can’t find them better, bigger, or faster!  2ft and 3ft versions available that ship next day.

  2. Build-A-Head Slim’s:

    Grab a set or two of “Slims” for situations where quantity is needed over durability! Slimmer and lighter than a Huge Build-A-Head but still ginormous!
    Comes with adhesive sticks to hold and support. Approx 12×18 inches.

  3. Build-A-Head Mini’s:

    The best holiday ornament idea is here. Make your own with any photo!
    Comes with hanging ribbon. Approx 4×6 inches.

  4. Build-A-Head Keychains:

    Take your little face cutout with you wherever you go. Made of plastic and precision cut. Great for any occasion you can think of!

How can I pay?

We accept all major credit cards on our website.

How will I know if my photo is good enough?

You can send us the photo and we will check the resolution for you if you want to be sure!

Or you can follow these tips and check on your own:

How can I take a great quality picture to use and get full size quality?

Whether you are using a digital camera or a smartphone, take the picture as close as possible and make sure that the whole part of the head is being captured if you want a full face cutouts.

If you are taking a picture with someone with a hat, headdress and the like, make sure to take the whole part of the headpiece if you intend to include that on the cut-out head.

Also note that your BIG head cutout will be notably smaller if there is a big hat or hair that is taking up most of the surface area. Your overall Big head will be the size listed but the face portion will be smaller.

When ordering, do we need to send Build-A-Head a cut and cropped-out head?

We will take care of cutting out of the head from the picture you will send us. Just make sure to send us an instruction if there’s any, or indicate which head you need to have made if there are multiple head in the picture. This is very easy to do with our make your own page. Send in the photo, we do the rest!

Can you make a custom size head that is not listed on your website?

Yes- we offer pretty much everything. Contact us.

What’s a typical order turnaround time?

Any order placed before 11:30PM EST will be shipped out that next afternoon.
From then it is either 1-3 business days, 3-5 business days, or overnight shipping, depending on which shipping option you choose.
If you order Monday at 11:00 PM EST, your order will ship out Tuesday!

Can I cancel my order?

Because our orders ship next day, your custom order begins production immediately. We cannot refund after an order has been placed and started production.”
Any order canceled due to photo quality issues after placed will be subject to cancelation fee of $5.

What are the Shipping rates?

Huge and Huge Jr.

Ground(3-5bus days): $19.99
Rush(1-3bus days): $24.99

Overnight: $99

Everything else!  

Ground(3-5 bus days): $7.99
Rush(1-3 bus days): $12.99

Overnight: $99

If you you need the heads on specific date we always suggest that you place the order with rush shipment.
We cannot guarantee delivery date for orders with standard shipment, and Build a Head will not be
liable for late deliveries.

How much is shipping for more than one big head?

Typically the same as mentioned above. However it goes up a bit with Huge heads.

Our shipping for larger orders of more than 1 huge head will go up a bit to account for the weight- but it will not be $24.99 for each. Please upload your photos and then proceed with checkout. You will be prompted with your shipping total based on products combined, etc. You will not have to purchase prior to seeing your total 🙂