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The New Place for Your Face!

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Bring "fun with faces" to your Games, Events, Celebrations, and Fundraising Efforts.



Build-A-Head! The face cutout company that started it all is now bringing their fun and excitement to the marathon world in an exciting partnership to help fans support their athletes on their BIG day.

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Go make some Build-A-Head gear and cheer on those athletes!
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Do you have a family member or friend who’s going to be running a marathon or participating in some other race event soon? Do you want to show them that you’re rooting for them and believe in them? A wonderful way to cheer on your family or friends at a marathon or race event is by adding BIG head cutouts to your marathon supplies! Marathon big heads by Build-A-Head are the surest way to support your runner at mile 13.1 or waiting at the finish line at 23.3!

How does it work to get your very own custom big heads for marathons? Start by picking a photo of someone’s head that you want to turn into a huge face marathon printout of high quality plastic. You can make face cutouts of any photo by uploading your very own photo. After we’ve received your order, we do the rest and ship your order to you in only 2-3 business days. It’s never been easier to get your own custom big head printouts!

After your order arrives and you have the marathon big head you wanted, you’re ready to show up at the marathon or racing event. If you take those marathon big heads to the race, you’re sure to stand out from the crowd with a unique and exciting method of support. Best of all, your runner will get a big boost of adrenaline when they round a bend and see their big face smiling at them from the sidelines, surrounded by friends and family.

The next time you’re invited to a race, be sure to count big heads for marathons among your required marathon supplies! Big head cutouts from Build-A-Head are simply the best way to support your marathoner and cheer them along. Don’t delay! Now is a great time to start looking for your runner’s best head shots. Find and upload their best photos now to get started!

Make your own custom face cutout
Build-A-Head gear!

CLICK THE HEAD and upload your high quality photo to place your order

If you are an outdoor event that would like to involve Build-A-Head seamlessly, contact us