Face Cutout Ornaments

Face cutout ornaments

Face cutout ornament from the largest face cutout company in the world. Precision cut 4″ face cutout on quality vinyl sealed plastic. Made with any photo.

  • Mini face cutout ornament – 2.5×4″ – Plastic – Precision cut and cured –
  • Takes just 5 minutes to complete order.
  • No setup fees, order just 1 or 100!
  • Fun idea for holiday ornaments, car mirrors, gifts.
  • Made on high quality vinyl compressed plastic. Comes with hanging string.
  • Ships next day. Upload any photo. We do the professional cutting and cropping for you.

Order your face cutout ornament today and Build-A-Head will ship it out tomorrow. The BEST FACE CUTOUTS on the internet. Order our perfect holiday ornaments. A high quality sealed face cut out. Lightweight and durable face cutouts for gifts and events of any kind. Trust our high quality mini head cutouts at the best price. You can’t find them better or faster! Great for birthdays, dance recitals, events, marketing, social media, sports games, graduations, weddings, and more.