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The New Place for Your Face!

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Bring "fun with faces" to your Games, Events, Celebrations, and Fundraising Efforts.

Sponsor a local school or national event

cheer at marathon
cheer at marathon
cheer at marathon

Advertise at Big Events:

Want Build-A-Head gear in large quantities at BIG EVENTS with your company branding on back? Contact Us to get a quote.

Fan Giveaways:

We are a leading provider in sponsored FAN GIVEAWAYS in professional, college, and high school events. Contact Us to hear how we can help your company, big or small, get in front of these audiences!

Perfect for large companies seeking in arena opportunities and social media engagement.

*Sponsor a High School Proposal*

Looking to get your company name out there and receive GREAT press?

Let us match you up with one of our high school sports teams in ANY location.

Advertise locally or nationaly, small or big, through Build-A-Head nights advertising placement. 100's or 1000's will be staring at your company and taking your brand home with them just like they did with Jeremy Lin giveaways and The New York Knicks. Let's get started!

  • Small businesses 
  • Big business with a niche
  • Sponsor any quantity!
  • Orders as small as 50.
  • Orders as big as 100,000!
  • targeting high school sporting events  
  • MINIMAL cost! (Contact us Today!)
  • Put your company in the hands of anyone
  • Social Media BURST!
  • Mobile faacebook uploads with your company
  • ANY high school sports event. 
  • schools appreciate it, 
  • the fans love it.
  • Great PR
  • Direct Marketing


cheer at marathon


If you are an outdoor event who would like to involve Build-A-Head seamlessly, contact us