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The New Place for Your Face!

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Bring "fun with faces" to your Games, Events, Celebrations, and Fundraising Efforts.

Build-A-Head Fan Feedback!

 Build A Head

Mom who loves our keychains!

I love my custom face cut out keychains of my kids. They were a great inexpensive gift from my husband. The best! Now I have my kids faces on me at work, and I get a new set every year from him!

Patty K.

Richmond, VA.



Another Booster Parent impressed with Build-A-Head:

This was the easiest and best fundraiser I've done in my 4 years as a booster parent. It was really simple! Build-A-Head gave me a link for the team, and I had all of the parents, kids, and fans e-mail it out to donate. The Build-A-Head night was a hit for the players! They loved seeing theire big head cutouts in the crowd!

Ryan D.

knoxville, TN


 Build A Head

Politicians take advantage of Bulk pricing!

My election year was approaching and I needed a way to help my supporters promote our new poltical campaign. Build-A-Head supplied me with 1,500 keychains of my face cutouts and campaign slogan in a weeks notice. My supporters loved them!

-Phoenix, AZ


 Build A Head

Cat: Lady makes new friends with Build-A-Head!

I loved my cat face cutout keychains! They are awesome. Even the non cat-ladys I know were complimenting my cat keys, ha!

Leah J.

Des Moines, IA



Marathon runner motivates with Build-A-Head!

My family used the Build-A-Heads of my big head face cutouts all throughout my marathon to cheer me on. It helped me pick them out of the crowd every time! They were triple the size of my real face cutout!

Amy P.

Anthem, AZ


Build A Head

Cool Uncle surprises nephew with Build-A-Heads at graduation!

My nephew was graduating from highschool so we made some big head face cutouts aka Build-A-Head Slims and brought them for the crowd. We waived the big head cutouts when he received his diploma and they made for great photos!

Sean K.

Orlando, FL


 Build A Head

Booster Mom who loves Build-A-Head!

The Albia Booster Club had a very positive experience working with Build-A-Head and their big face cutouts. They developed our TEAM FUNDRAISING PAGE for us in 1 day! Then, all we had to do was spread the word. That's it! It was the easiest fundraiser I've ever been a part of. We are looking forward to working with Build-A-Head again next season!

Jill C.

Albia Comm. Schools