A guide to cheering at a marthon- NYC Marathon Tips

A guide to cheering at a marthon- NYC Marathon Tips

Taken from the ING NYC Marathon spectator guide.

Find a Face in the Crowd
If you’ve been specific about where you’ll be waiting, your loved one may catch sight of you first. Make it easy by wearing or carrying something that a tired runner can easily see. Sighting runners can be hard, and it’s important to be patient. “People get held up for reasons that you don’t anticipate,” says Lorge Butler, “When you think that you must have missed them, wait. When you think they can’t possibly still be coming, wait five minutes more.” If you miss your runner at your first location, you may want to skip the middle spots on your route and head to the last one, to avoid missing your loved one altogether.

Be a Cheerleader
Encourage everyone you meet to come out and cheer—loudly! “Runners really feed off the spectators, and they really appreciate the fact that you are there. Cheer as much as you can,” says Steve Lastoe, founder of NYCRuns.com and the Brooklyn Marathon. Look at runners’ t-shirts to find their names, charities and home countries, and use that information in your cheering. “Make it as personal as possible, even for total strangers,” advises Jennifer Giasone, membership lead for the Black Sheep Runners. “You never know—you just might give someone a lift when they need it most!”

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