Team mom with big head cutout of her little league baseball son

Big head cutouts for little league baseball teams

Big head cutouts for little league baseball teams is the easiest thing you could think of: @LittleLeague on instagram.

While you may still be buried up to your knees in snow, have faith, spring is near. For thousands of kids, and their parents, around the country this means only one thing, it’s almost baseball time- little league to be exact! If this is the first year your child is old enough to join a little league team you might be a little confused by a new term you have been hearing.
Team Mom. Of course there are team dads, and team parents as well, and they are all vitally important, doing behind the scenes work so coaches can coach and kids can play. Have you have been asked to be a team mom, but aren’t sure of your responsibilities? Big head cutouts for little league teams are here to make it a fun season.

Little league team photo with big head cutouts

Major duties of team parents:

  • Order and distribute team uniforms
  • Keep the team roster, be sure to get updated contact information for all players and parents
  • Communication of practice and game times, because let’s be honest, eight year olds aren’t the best messengers
  • Plan team functions
  • Organize “cheerleading” section for the team at games
  • Big head cutouts for little league team

Team mom with big head cutout of her little league baseball son

Using big heads for motivation and fun photos!

After sharing little league ideas all winter, some team parents have come up with the plan to use big heads to cheer on their team. Whether your team is playing in the Little League World Series or on the local sand lot these cardboard cutouts of a players head are a great way for fans to show their support.
One of the best team ideas I have seen was a team that used big heads on picture day. Each player chose their big league role model and posed for a picture with a big head of their favorite player, giving them a one of a kind memento of their little league season.
Even the busiest team parents can order big heads in time for the season.

The typical way that team parents have used big heads for their little league team is with photos of their own team. At, we have made the process of ordering big heads for your little league team as easy as possible. Simply upload a photo of each team member, chose the right size, and you’re done! It’s that simple.
Asked to be team parent at the last minute, and now your scrambling to catch up? No problem, most orders ship next day, meaning your team’s big heads will be ready to go just in time for the first game of the season.

Sports fan with big head cutouts at little league game Mascot and player big face cutouts for little league team

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