Big head cutout team fundraising fun for all sports and teams alike.

Big Head Cutouts are the Perfect Tool for Fundraisers

Use Custom Cutouts in countless ways for your fundraisers!

Fundraisers are a great way to raise awareness and to support a good cause! Many people in the community benefit from fundraisers of all types. Charities, churches, teams, schools, clubs, volunteers, and various organizations rely on fundraisers!

The great thing is that fundraisers not only benefit members of the community, but they’re tons of fun as well! They often involve cookouts, bake sales, parties, games, or entertainment! One way to ensure everyone has a great time at your fundraiser is with Custom Big Head Cutouts from Build-A-Head!

Big head cutout team fundraising fun for all sports and teams alike.

A team with big face cutouts for their fundraiser from

Order custom cutouts of well-known community members, volunteers, or anyone involved in the fundraiser! Big Head Cutouts are huge fun for photos! You can even order Emoji Cutouts and Social Media Cutouts for the perfect photobooth! You can choose your own captions and hashtags!

Instagram Selfie Cutout

To celebrate donors and prize winners at your event, we also offer Big Check Cutouts!

Big Oversized Check Cutouts


Ordering your own custom cutout is easy! Simply go to Build-A-Head, upload a photo or choose a product, pick your size, and choose your quantity! Our products are high quality, durable, and ship the next day!

Make your next fundraiser one to remember with Build-A-Head!

Ways to Use Cutouts for your Fundraiser: 

  • Order Custom Big Heads for the people involved
  • Use Emoji Cutouts and Social Media Cutouts for fun photobooths
  • Order Big Check Cutouts to promote big donations and contests
  • Take memorable photos at the event
  • Share your memories and ideas on social media with #BuildAHead

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