Big Head Cutouts spotted in the crowd at the big Astros vs. Yankees Game!

Fans cheer on their favorite team in the Astros vs. Yankees American League Championship game!

Baseball is one of the greatest pastimes in American history and it just became even more fun with custom cutouts!  Fans look forward to every game, perhaps even more when it involves two of the greatest teams in the nation! As the Houston Astros battled it out on the field with the New York Yankees, the crowds couldn’t have been more lively! Some super fans were prepared to cheer on their team with Custom Baseball Cutouts from Build-A-Head!

These fans went all out to show their support for the Astros! You can get your own unique cutout for your next baseball game or for any other sporting event! Upload ANY photo! You can use pictures of your favorite players, team logos, text, and graphics!

Ordering your own is easy! Simply go to Build-A-Head, upload ANY photo, choose your size, and decide how many you’d like to order. You can even order a Party Package for your whole group of fans! Our Face Cutouts and Emoji Cutouts come in a variety of sizes ranging from 12 x 18 inch all the way to 3 foot!

Our cutouts are high quality, durable, and water resistant, making them perfect for outdoor sporting events like baseball! Best of all, our products ship the next day so they’ll reach you in time for the big game!

Using Cutouts for Baseball Games: 

  • Upload any photo, text, or logo
  • Bring your cutouts to the game
  • Cheer on your favorite players and teams from the crowd
  • Take fun photos with other fans or with the players themselves
  • Share your fun on social media with #BuildAHead
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