ESPN First Take Big Head Cutouts

Big Heads Cheer on Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant’s mom takes on Stephen A. Smith with Big Heads on set!

The show opened with Warriors Big Head Cutouts proudly waving in the background behind Kevin Durant and company while Durant’s mom appeared as a guest on ESPN First Take.

It was a bit of a heated showdown between Stephen A. Smith and “the real MVP” as Durant’s mom defended her son’s decision to join the Warriors against those who criticized him along his journey.
The crowd roared and proudly held up their 12 x 18 inch Big Head Cutouts of Kevin Durant as they cheered on his devoted mother.
The crowd chanted and urged Stephen A. Smith to apologize…
He smiled sincerely and obliged. The First Take fans then waived their Stephen A. Smith Big Heads in the crowd and the MVP’s mom accepted with a smile. Certainly, the tension between these stars has been lifted, for now!
The Golden State Warriors are now 2 time NBA Champions and Kevin Durant has enjoyed his first finals, his MVP award, and the Championship!
The team celebrated in Las Vegas and Big Head Cutouts were there for VIP treatment as well!
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