1. Build-A-Head Huge Face Cutout

    The HUGEST (and quickest) BIG FACE CUTOUT on the internet. A high quality, HUGE oversized, sealed foam core big head face cut out. Lightweight and durable for events of any kind.
    You can’t find them better, bigger, or faster! Approx 24×36 inches.

  2. Build-A-Head Slim’s:

    Grab a set or two of “Slims” for situations where quantity is needed over durability! Slimmer and lighter than a “Premium Build-A-Head.”
    Comes with adhesive sticks. Approx 12×17 inches.

  3. Build-A-Head Mini’s:

    The best holiday ornament idea of the year is here. Make your own!
    Comes with hanging ribbon. Approx 4×6 inches.

  4. Build-A-Head T-shirt:

    Simple and fun. T-shirts with any face you want! Great for any occasion you can think of!