Graduation Is an Even Bigger Deal with Big Heads

Graduation Is an Even Bigger Deal with Big Heads

It is not every day someone you love graduates from high school or college. It is a memorable moment; the recognition of an achievement hard earned. Sitting in the audience, waiting to hear someone special’s name called, and watching with pride as the diploma is placed in their hand is a moment like no other. That moment can give a person a large head … literally. And why not? They’ve earned it.

A swelled head often accompanies great achievements, but this big head is something a little different. As a way of recognizing the achievement, you can have cardboard face cutouts of the graduate made in advance. Send in a school portrait or some other photo and have the signs made, one for every member of the family or friend in attendance at the ceremony. When your graduate’s name is called, start waving those signs to show your appreciation and pride.

Imagine looking out from the stage and seeing big imprints of the graduate’s face staring back as congratulations are given and the diploma is passed on. A feeling of joy and satisfaction will wash over the graduate. It won’t be hard for the graduate or anyone else to tell for whom you are cheering.

Graduation day comes only once in a lifetime for most of us. Why not celebrate it with all the joy and abandon the occasion merits? A group of large head cutouts of your graduate is a fun way to express your praise for their years of effort.

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