hockey team building ideas big head cutouts

Hockey big head face cutouts – Fun hockey team idea!

Hockey parents unite- big head cutouts are here!

The best hockey fan item has taken the ice by storm. Take your team photo with big head cutouts. The cutest and most fun team photo you can imagine. Take a look at these awesome hockey big heads that were sent in from a fellow hockey mom. We love the hockey cutouts.


How to make your own hockey big head cutouts:

  1. Find your favorite photo and take photos of your team.
  2. Send in your photos and your team big head cutouts ship out next day.
  3. Take them to the hockey game and take tons of photos with the team and enjoy the face cutouts.

click to make your own big head cutout

These big head cutouts are a great way to cheer on your little hockey star and make for great fun at the end of the year team party and throughout the season.

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