James Harden big head at ASU game for jersey retirement

James Harden big heads at ASU

Arizona State University used their James Harden big head Build-A-Head big face cutouts for their retirement ceremony of James Harden. His number 13 jersey was retired on Wednesday night, February 18th. The ASU Sun Devils won by 2 against UCLA as they celebrated the victory with James in attendance. The James Harden big head was waved proudly throughout the game and jersey retirement ceremony.

Using big head cutouts at an event

You can make your own big face cutout for any ceremony, event, or party at BuildAHead.com. Upload any photo and your very own big head cutout(s) ship out the next day. There are many different options. Some people want just 1. But other teams and sponsoring companies make 1000’s of big heads from Build-A-Head for their games.  Check out many different cool ways people have used our product on Instagram.

Big heads behind the basket for free throws

Colorodo State University filled their student sections behind the baskets with big head cutouts of their coach. Sponsored by First National bank, the big heads were a hit! The fans waved the big heads with every opponent free throw.

Fans at Sundevil basketball games use big heads

Fans at Sundevil basketball games use big heads

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