birthday party ideas big head cutouts

Make your next birthday party BIG with cutouts

Birthday party cutouts aren’t just for kids!

Who says birthday parties are just for kids? Build-A-Head says they are for all ages, kids to adults! If you are looking to go BIG on your next celebration, the answer is life size stand up cutouts.
Choose from 1 foot stand ups all the way up to 6 foot stand up cutouts for the party!

2 foot stand ups are just the perfect size for wedding or birthday table centerpieces and decoration. The 6 foot stand up cutouts are a must have for guests to take photos with! A hit with snapchat and instagram posts.

Check out the video below on how easy it is to assemble the 3 foot make your own life-size standup cutout. You’ll have your custom stand up standing in seconds after it arrives at your door.

Big head cutouts also work great for table centerpieces for birthday parties at any age!

big head cutouts birthday party ideas centerpieces     birthday party ideas big head cutouts

Ways to bring your next birthday party to the next level with cutouts:

big head cutouts birthday party ideas

Let us help you make your next party BIG!

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