Quincinera and Big Heads: Big During Tradition

Big Heads at Quincinera

Big head cutouts have been spotted almost everywhere today, and they continue to be seen in more and more places, and at more occasions. Some of these occasions are sacred and religious, or mark a significant milestone.

You’ve seen the big head cutouts being cleverly worn at all sorts of parties. You can even masquerade in cutouts at one of the most significant days in a young Latino female’s life; Her Quincinera. While a Quincinera is an important occasion, marking the beginning of womanhood for a Latino woman on her fifteenth birthday, it’s also a party!

So as you explore Quincinera ideas and cutouts, let your imagination fly freely. Because options for a Quincinera and big heads party are almost limitless. From the opening tradition of a religious ceremony, to the traditional dance featuring the lady of the hour and whomever courts her; Quincinera and big heads will be an amazing standout throughout the event.

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