Alphabet Wall Tiles

Take Classroom Crafts to the Next Level with Big Head Cutouts!

Get creative with classroom crafts and Big Head Cutouts from Build-A-Head!

It’s fun to do special projects in the classroom. You might have even saved some of your old school arts and crafts projects! Classroom crafts are a fun way to involve the students in creativity. They’re also a nice break from the typical lesson! Create a unique art project this year with Big Head Cutouts!

12x18 Slims

Use student photos, character pictures, or create a blank face cutout for students to complete customize! Allow your students to express themselves by making fun, artsy additions to their cutouts! Let them use stickers, paint, markers, glittter, clue, construction paper, and whatever else you can find and watch them express their creativity. Display them in the classroom all year and send them home with the kids to have as keepsakes!

In addition, your students will love using cutouts to pose with for silly yearbook photos! Parents can snap fun pictures to share with social media using #BuildAHead! We’d love to see what creative ideas the kids come up with!

Alphabet Wall Tiles

Ordering your cutouts is a simple process! Just go to, upload any photo(s), choose your size, and decide how many you’d like! Order a Party Package for the whole class! Our products are high quality and durable, making them perfect for kids! Order today and your cutouts will ship out tomorrow!

Big Heads in the Classroom:

  • Upload any photo
  • Bring Cutouts to Class
  • Allow kids to get creative with cutouts using paint, stickers, and glitter
  • Display their custom cutouts on the classroom wall
  • Send cutouts home as keepsakes
  • Parents can share their fun cutout photos on social media with #BuildAHead
  • Follow us on Pinterest for more ideas!
  • Cutouts are also tons of fun for big events like festivalsweddings, and holidays!



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