Teacher with big head cutouts

Teacher uses BIG head cutouts for fun classroom environment

Big head cutouts make the classroom complete:

After graduating from Arizona State University, Tana Berrelleza has worn many hats in her time teaching high school students. A few of them have involved Build-A-Head!

While running student government and activities, she helped set up a fundraiser selling the oversized big head cutouts of the school mascot for upcoming games and rallies.

2016 Presidential Candidate BIG head cutouts classroom fun:

When it was time to decorate and create an interactive learning environment in her classroom, she sought out Build-A-Head again. This time, Mrs. Berrelleza had the idea of doing big face cutouts of the upcoming 2016 presidential candidates. The oversized face cutouts of the candidates were a fun way to liven up the classroom and also do fun activities while they learned about the election process and politics.

Teacher with big head cutouts

Because of Tana’s great impact in the classroom, one of her students (Maria Amador) chose Mrs. Berrelleza as the annual school photography project. Choosing one teacher to capture for Maria’s photo, this is the photo her student Maria took and we are happy they shared it with us! #BuildAHead


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