Tips for Family Reunion Fun

Tips for Family Reunion Fun

Some families love to get together and find any excuse to do so. Others, because of cost or location may only be able to have such a celebration periodically. Because people’s appearances can change drastically with the passage of time, some folks may be hard to recognize. Here are a few ideas to minimize the shock factor, decrease the stress, and have a little fun at the next family reunion by using photo cutouts.

Baby Photos

Ask everyone who intends to attend the function to send the party planner a good photo of themselves as a baby. When all the photos have been received, they can be submitted and turned into a Big Head – the fun cardboard cutout on a stick. Each person will be given their photo when they arrive at the reunion. They can hold up the picture when meeting others to see if they are recognized.

Photos from the Last Reunion

Photo cutouts can be made from pictures taken at the last reunion. Chances are that family members remember each other the way they looked when they last saw one another. Big head signs can help stir those memories and help with making facial recognition work.


Organize some games using the big heads. Guess which picture belongs with which person or who someone’s spouse is from the cutouts. Get duplicates made and pass them out to several people who are in on the gag. Then see if anyone can tell which baby or youth photo goes with the right person. Don’t forget to schedule some time for photo ops with the big heads.

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