Best photo to use to make your own big head cutout

Big head photo tips. Making your own big face cutout!

Here’s how to make your best big face cutout:

On you can upload any photo and we ship as many big head cutouts as you need- the next day!

1. Choose a photo where the face is close to the camera lens. For example, a family photo from afar is not typically your best option. Something up close will give us the best way to make your huge face cutout.

Best photo to use to make your own big head cutout

2.Over 1mb works best. but remember rule 1. If you have a smaller sized photo but the face is super close- you may be in luck. Having the face close can get you some quality points!

3. We recommend a photo size over 500×500. You can see the sizing numbers of any photo on any computer by option-clicking the photo and looking at details.

4. If it’s really small (100×100) it’s probably not going to blow up so well into a big head. We can always still make it for you though. Plenty of customers do that and are still happy.

5. Photos saved from screen shots, text messages and facebook are 1/10th the quality of a photo emailed directly from the original phone photo file. Always try to get the original photo.

6. Camera phones are great. Although email is best way to get a photo. Phone cameras are so good that text photos do occasionally work. But if you want the best, get an emailed original photo.

7. We will do all of the cropping, you don’t have to touch the file 🙂 Send it in as is, no work for you!

8. You can zoom in to any photo by command + ” on any computer or however you zoom on your phone. This will allow you to see how clear your face will be when blown up by us. If you’re ordering a slim- zoom into your face at 12″ wide for just the face. (Your face will probably be as big as your monitor- that’s the clarity you will see).

9. E-mail us or visit our site and talk to a live chat representative right there from your own seat.

No questions? Make your own big head cutout with any photo at Build-A-Head.

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