From a chance encounter to the largest big head retailer in the world: The Story of Build-A-Head

In 2009 when Lance Armstrong passed through Silver City, New Mexico, a chance encounter was the spark that led a group of friends scattered across the country to found Build-A-Head.

An Idea Is Born

23-year-old Bryan Price was nearing the end of his final year at Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa.  His friend Steve Berrelleza called from his college town of Silver City, N.M. to share his excitement that Armstrong would be passing through on the Tour of the Gila.

Berrelleza was hoping to find a way to celebrate the occasion and maybe even catch the cyclists attention as he passed through.  Price’s response: Make Armstrong big heads!

After the popular fan response and Lance personally endorsing the big head cutouts in his book, a group of friends who had remained close despite the distance between their schools, immediately realized the potential of these big face cutouts and set to work founding Build-A-Head and the easy to use customer service oriented ordering process.

Today, Build-A-Heads can be found everywhere: marathons, pageants, team fundraisers, graduations, political campaigns, birthday parties, sporting events, political campaigns and corporate events.

Build-A-Head’s product line includes an array of fan support options including custom HUGE Big Head face cutouts, cutout keychains, cutouts ornaments, emoji cutouts, hashtag signs, lifesize standups, and more!

As Darren Rovell said in his CNBC interview with Build-A-Head, “There’s one company that’s ready for the head craze, and that’s Build-A-Head”. See article:

These high-end, high-quality heads are the perfect way to show your support for your favorite athlete, team, celebrity, child, politician, company, fundraiser, you name it. What better way to show your allegiance, dedication, enthusiasm and support for someone than to put a personalized face on it with Build-A-Head?

Keys to the success of Build-A-Head

  • Fantastic Customer Service
  • Simple design and order process
  • Plenty of options for customers big face cutouts
  • Quick shipments
  • Most importantly, lots of fun!

Build-A-Head in the news: