Blac Chyna with Build-A-Heads

Blac Chyna at 1Oak partying with big head cutouts by Build-A-Head!

Big head cutouts taking the club scene by storm. VIP clients deserve the big head cutout treatment and Build-A-Head saves the day. Last minute VIP orders are a hit and easy to complete in just minutes to have the club jumping and everyone smiling. Build-A-Head [...]

hockey team building ideas big head cutouts

Hockey big head face cutouts – Fun hockey team idea!

Hockey parents unite- big head cutouts are here! The best hockey fan item has taken the ice by storm. Take your team photo with big head cutouts. The cutest and most fun team photo you can imagine. Take a look at these awesome hockey big heads [...]

Big Heads for Every Sport

Big head cutouts have roots in Iowa, New Mexico, and Arizona.

Small town influence of big head cutouts: You probably know someone who is from Iowa or has family from Iowa. But- did you know that those fun big head cutouts on foam board got their start with big influence from small town Iowa? From a college in Indianola, [...]

College Big Heads for Big BBall Games

Want to join in on all the fun with the Indiana University basketball fans, and big head cutouts? These fans at Bloomington Assembly Hall are widely known for their crowd participation with college big heads. Just as those crazy college fans, you can be larger [...]

Bar Mitzvah with a Big Head Twist

Although Bar Mitzvahs are traditional, and often religious occasions to celebrate a Jewish boy’s 13th year of life, adulthood, as well as his readiness to observe religious ceremonies, they are nevertheless a celebration. And just as with almost any other celebration, big heads can [...]

Quincinera and Big Heads: Big During Tradition

Big Heads at Quincinera Big head cutouts have been spotted almost everywhere today, and they continue to be seen in more and more places, and at more occasions. Some of these occasions are sacred and religious, or mark a significant milestone. You've seen the big head [...]

Kevin spacey heads on a stick

Kevin Spacey big head cutouts giveaway

Build-A-Head is the world's largest face cutout supplier. They call (or email or text or livechat), we answer. Build-A-Head face on a stick head cutouts ship next day with any photo supplied. These big head cutouts or heads on a stick come with a custom backside [...]

Teacher with big head cutouts

Teacher uses BIG head cutouts for fun classroom environment

Big head cutouts make the classroom complete: After graduating from Arizona State University, Tana Berrelleza has worn many hats in her time teaching high school students. A few of them have involved Build-A-Head! While running student government and activities, she helped set up a fundraiser selling the oversized big [...]