Big Head Cutouts Make Their Way to the Dallas Cowboys Jumbotron

Posted by Bruce on Oct 2nd 2018

We All Know Everything Is Bigger In Texas

Including the Jumbotrons and the BIG head cutouts. The Dallas Cowboys were the very first team to go HUGE with their Jumbotron, which is 72 feet high by 160 feet wide. They held the title for the biggest screen in the NFL from 2009 to 2013. The Houston Texans decided to 1-up the Cowboys with their 52 feet high by 277 feet wide Jumbotron. (photo below for comparison) This was no surprise, being that they are an NFL team in Texas and bigger = better.

Build a Head also seems to be a believer in the “bigger is better” motto, offering custom heads ranging from the sizes of 12×18 inches all the way up to 6-feet! These Huge Head Cardboard Cutouts are easily spotted at games, whether it be NFL, MLB, NBA, or your local high school game. Recently after Build a Head’s new NFL Heads were launched, the fans came rushing to purchase their favorite players. The most popular players purchased so far have been none other than the Cowboy’s Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott.

Ezekiel Elliot Big Head Spotted on the Dallas Cowboy Jumbotron

The Ezekiel Elliott head had thousands of eyes on it at the game, resulting in more fans wanting their own Ezekiel Heads. The following week, the big head duo was spotted again tailgating outside of the Cowboys stadium.

Not a Cowboys fan but still want to support your team? Not a worry.

Build a Head offers Big Head Cutouts of ALL the popular players which you can shop here for. If they don’t have your favorite NFL player, you can even send in a special request and they will make it happen within minutes. Build a Head is known for its exceptional customer service, offering live chat service that is ready for your questions and concerns. Not a big NFL fan? You can upload your own photo to make your own custom Big Head with the click of a few buttons. So what are you waiting for? Go BIG at your next event with Build a Head and maybe you will end up on a jumbotron!