Big Heads Make Fun Gifts

Posted by Bruce on Oct 29th 2020

Personalized gifts allow you the greatest flexibility and creativity. You can design so many things and insert a little bit of yourself into the gift. People who receive these types of gifts are often more deeply touched by them, because of the time and effort put into coming up with the idea. When you want to give a gift that will leave people with fond and happy memories of you, personalized is the only way to go.

With that said, how do you choose the right gift? With many gifts, you can only give it once, and then next year you have to find something new. There is a new trend in gift giving that you can give year after year, and it’s never the same twice. It involves taking an annual picture of yourself or a loved one and having it turned into a personalized Christmas ornament.

The face goes on the front and it is hung with a fine ribbon. You can choose a serious pose, or a comical one. It is all up to you, and can suit your personality. You can order them in batches and give one to everyone on your list. Repeat this, year after year, and there will be Christmas trees everywhere that are adorned with your face over the years.

You can also do the same thing with key chains and other novelty items. There is nothing as fun as seeing your own mug on everyone’s tree. Personalized gifts don’t have to be pompous or expensive, and nothing says “you” quite like your picture on an ornament.